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Are you salaried and have just got a job? Or is it that you are self-employed with an ABN income of even less than 2 years? Did you have a credit event only recently, or is it that you are a first-timer in purchasing a home with a minimal or bad credit history? If so, ideally you are supposed to face an uphill task in finding a home loan with a set of fair terms. However, with Everyone Finance, things will not be that hard for you for sure!!

Indeed, for accommodating the modern homebuyers, we come up with a variety of loan offers with pretty competitive interest rates and flexible underwriting terms. This has made us one of the most trustworthy names in WA, offering some attractive home loan packages at the hour of our clients’ needs, at reasonable premium rates.

Thus, no matter whether you are a resident of WA or a non-PR/non-citizen, we offer loans without any such verification. Even if you have an ABN income of less than 2 years, that will not play any hindrance.

We pride to state that we offer a wide variety of home loans, which will provide financial support to our customers at their hour of needs!

Varieties of Home Loans

Variable Rate Home Loan:With this type of home loan, your repayments can go up and down depending on the fluctuations of the cash rate in the market. This means, your payments will increase when the rate of interest is high and will decrease when the interest plummets.

Fixed-Rate home loan:This will allow you to lock in a particular rate of interest on your loan for a 1 to a 5-year term. One very prominent benefit of this type of loan is that it shields you from the instability of the interest rate, though it also means you will not benefit from the fall of the interest rate.

Interest-Only Home Loan:In this type of loan, your repayments will cover the interest on the borrowed amount or principle. This means, your repayments will not go towards the borrowed amount for that period.

Refinancing the home loan:This is another great way of saving your home loan. You need to compare a wide range of home loan products, to find out if you can enjoy the privilege of any lower rate of interest and save your monthly payments

We also provide loan for purchasing an owner-occupied home with a deposit as low as 2%, though for that, we will conduct income verification.

Our Home Loan LVR Rates at different locations….

  • Australia – LVR up to 98%
  • China – City or urban area LVR 80%, other area LVR 60%
  • USA – LVR 70% (Guaranteed 100% success rate)
  • UK – LVR 70%
  • Malaysia property

So you see, we have a more or less multinational approach that will help you avail of our service even if you are not in the Australian mainland! For further details, CONTACT US NOW!!

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