Fixed Rate Home Loan Perth

    Fixed Rate Home Loan in Perth against Lenient Terms & Conditions

    Have you migrated to Melbourne? Are you looking to acquire home loans but do not have the supporting documents to get the loan from banks and other similar financial institutions? Worry not, when you have Everyone Finance around. Indeed, ever since we have been in the industry, we have been offering non-resi homes loans in Melbourne at extremely competitive rates, with minimum paperwork and formalities.

    If you are looking forward to acquiring a financial package for your home in Perth, a fixed-rate home loan should be your first and foremost choice. The principal reason being, a fixed-rate home loan in Perth as in any other place gives you the provision of knowing beforehand, the rate of interest that you will have to pay over a fixed period of time. Thus, when you opt for a loan load against a fixed rate of interest from Everyone Finance, it gives you peace of mind, as you can arrange the resources to pay the loan accordingly.

    What makes our home at a fixed rate in Perth such a beneficial offer?

    At Everyone Finance, our loan packages at a fixed rate come with a unique advantage that makes a major difference. Once you acquire our home loan with a fixed rate in Perth, you have the liberty of locking in the interest on your loan for a mutually agreed period (it generally varies from one to five years). This gives you the option of planning for the future confidently, without any element of uncertainty. You can be assured that during the period when you do not repay the loan, the repayment interest will not rise. Once the lock period is over, your loan amount will roll over onto a variable rate by default. Or you can choose to fix the home loan again.

    Best Fixed Home Loan Rates
    Best Fixed Home Loan Rates

    What are the advantages of Fixed Rate Home Loan?

    • It offers your multiple flexible options of repayment
    • We at Everyone Finance offer 1, 2, and 3-year fix-term loans along with locking provision at a greater low rate.
    • Though the rate is fixed, you have multiple options of terms and conditions to choose from. You can choose your terms and conditions as per your choice, depending upon your needs. In other words, you can get the best out of your lox fixed rate.
    • Then you have the option of enjoying a split loan at a fixed amount in Perth, with one part of the loan amount being available at a fixed rate and the remaining available at a variable rate. While this gives you the advantage of a fixed rate, it also lets you get the privilege of any rate deduction, and still use the 100% redraw offset facility that will minimise your rate of interest.

    Thus in the nutshell, when you hire a fixed rate home loan, you enjoy the privilege of…

    • Added Security
    • Multiple Repayment Options
    • Seamless transfer of property

    Get the best fixed-rate home loan from us!

    Thus, if you are looking forward to getting a fixed-term home loan against the most reasonable terms and conditions, call Everyone Finance to take it to our experts. Or apply online for the best loan package that suits you.

    Frequently asked Questions

    What is a home equity loan?

    A home equity loan is a type of home loan for those who are looking to invest in property/share for purchasing, renovating, consolidating and repaying debts.

    What percentage can you borrow on your home equity loan?

    Usually, you can borrow upto 80% of the total value of the property. However there are instances when you can borrow upto 95%.

    How can you use your home equity loan?

    You can use it to borrow money against your equity for an investment, such as shares, property or renovations.

    Can home equity loan be considered a second mortgage?

    No. You cannot consider a home equity loan a second mortgage. It is also known as a line of credit loan. It helps you to take a loan against the valuation of your property.

    How much does a home equity loan cost?

    The cost of the home equity loan or line of credit loan will depend upon the amount that you are looking forward or borrowing.