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A Comparison Between Fixed and Variable Rate Home Loans

Before you can apply for a home loan, you will need to make a crucial selection of the types of loans available in Perth. Generally, you will be provided with two options, the fixed-rate home loan, and the variable rate home loan. So, if you want to get illuminated about these two types of loans, you will need to go through the points that we have discussed here. Then, the process of choosing the right loan will become easier for you.

  • What is a Fixed and Variable Rate Home Loan?

A fixed-rate house loan in Perth, as you can guess easily, will not change over time. That means the interest rate will remain the same for the period that you choose, typically between one to five years. After that, you can re-fix the rate or switch to a variable rate home loan.

On the other hand, a variable rate home loan is where the rate of interest changes from time to time depending on several factors. Quite naturally, when this happens, the amount for monthly repayments will also go up or down. So, if you can bear the expenses if the rate of interest rate goes up but want to repay the entire loan amount sooner, you can go for this type of loan. Otherwise, sticking to the fixed-rate loan is a good idea.

  • Financial Certainty

Whenever you are applying for a fixed-rate home loan, you can rest assured that you will have to go on paying the fixed rate of interest. So, you can plan your budget likewise. But if you are applying for the variable rate home loan, make sure you are well prepared for expenses that you will need to bear if the rate goes up. Otherwise, you might face financial troubles from which recovering can become difficult.

  • Fixed Repayment Time Vs. Early Repayment

Though we have discussed this already, this point needs some explanation.

Whenever you are applying for a home loan in Perth, it is assumed that you will be making the necessary budget plans. For instance, not only will you be calculating the estimated rate of interest but also the years or months that will take to repay the entire loan. But if you are flexible and do not have budget constraints, you should choose wisely. This is because the fixed-rate home loan is stable. But if you want to save more money or time in the long run, choosing the variable rate home is recommended. This is because a sudden surge in interest rates can help you pay off the home loan quickly. But at the same time, depending on several factors, the rate can go down as well. Then, you can save money but it will take longer for you to repay the entire amount.

  • Overall Stability

Finally, when choosing the Perth home loan, you should choose the overall stability. Here, you will need to see the changes in the payment structure of loans and mortgages.

In a fixed-rate home loan, the mortgage repayments stay intact even if the interest rates surge. But in variable rate loans, it’s the opposite. On the other hand, home loan payments also stay intact if the interest rates go down in fixed-rate loans. But in the variable loan option, the loan payment amount is influenced by the interest rate.

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